I need motivation! Current Report for my status.

Yeah, I finally moved my lazy butt and went back continuing on rebuilding the blog. A lot of things are going on for me but nothing serious. Been working early morning shifts since last week but you guys might have to get used to it because I probably be earning that full time position at my workplace which requires working on said hours. Yeah, won’t be staying up late like I used to but more hours means more pay plus I will get better benefits and bonuses and be able to progress further on my career for the place. I just hope I get it. Year 2012 have been pretty rough for me financially mostly from spending cash on eating out, gambling, and some bad choices. Probably the worse part was the BESC letting a different writer take over my best work for the site, “Changing and Growing in Las Vegas”, But I somehow bit the bullet and managed to get back on my feet at times.

A few good things happened this year at least. Decided to try going to conventions that are more close by like Orlando Megacon and Florida Supercon in Miami. Orlando Megacon was awesome. Met up with some old friends like Dragen from the ol’ Fred Perry Fan Club days and Maverikat who is also another fellow commission art collector like I am. I got along with some of Mav’s friends too, especially George which I think he is nice guy. Whole reason why the con it was so great because Fred Perry was there and it was his first time making a con appearance in Florida. Other than spending my time at the con, but I got to reunite with one of my favorite voice actors, Vic Mignona and saw the Robot Chicken panel. I at least spent the whole weekend of the con, unlike Florida Supercon. I was supposed to spend only two days of that con but my best friend at work couldn’t make it for the first day so I skipped it. But enjoying the first day was satisfying enough. Got to meet a lot of great voice actors and producers/directors like Richard Horvitz, the Adult Swim crew like Dana Snyder, Jon Schnep and the likes, D.C Douglas, and such. I even enjoyed some fun panels. One ting that the cone was worth going is because I won some great prizes such as a Captain America inspired t-shirt from Team Renegade for having the highest score from their shooter game and a pre-owned copy of Resident Evil 5 from D.C Douglas with his autograph signed on the disc. Thanks to going at these cons, I missed out going Project A-Kon this year. But after witnessing how this year’s San Diego Comic Con, it might be the one con I’ll be aiming for next year if I start saving right now.

Well, not much going on project wise or writing wise. I still haven’t finished my current script for the BESC and it might be a while before I get to it because the monitor of my computer died. It was expected sooner or later since the old been faithful for over 10 years. I really need to get a new computer soon. Guess I have to save up for that first before any other trips are made, or at least get a new phone. I’m still working with Eastern Miracle as I decided to work on a 2D animation project with them involving Lisa transforming to her Bloodlust Lisa and maybe make her grow even bigger afterwards. I got other projects that are non-expansion but it does involve fandom for a certain cartoon show that made a huge hit since its first airing on October 2010. All I can say it will be my first time commissioning voice work and might be able to give a voice finally to one of my characters.

At least things are looking up, wish I could say the same thing to this blog. I got a lot of artwork to repost…*shrugs*. Anyway, just keep an eye on it for now. Right now, I’ll try to put an art post or two before I’m done with this update.

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