Works by Ronzo Murphy (ShoNuff44)

In this next post, I introduce by the incredible works of Ronzo Murphy, usually known as ShoNuff44 on DA and FA. I found out about his works when he is a long time contributor for the annuals for Antarctic Press’s Ninja High School and Gold Digger. Works I remembered where of Brittany “Cheetah” Diggers from GD in Hooters waitress uniform and a few fighting game related story submissions involving characters from Ninja High School, one a Battle Arena Toshinden parody and the other a King of Fighters one. After that, he’s been doing commissions at conventions and contributing his work to White Lightning Productions by doing cover art for Bootleg, the publisher’s hentai anthology series. Afterwards, he decided to come up his own characters and stories and introduced them at his galleries in DA and FA. He has a great talent on drawing sexy, curvy, and well endowed girls but he is more known in creating original characters with interesting personalities such as his most popular characters, Shred the Wolf and Squeek the Mouse. He even tried making his own comic book series called Coco Gunbun, about a tough bunny suit wearing dreadlock superheroine fighting crime in her hometown. But his ideas in drawing images and pin-ups are usually so astonishing that people who view his work never want to miss any new work he posts. He definitely shows his fandom for many series through his work whether its from video games, Anime, or even cartoons and movies. He is usually available to do online commissions but announces at his DA and FA pages when is completely available to do them and usually charges per character and the price varies if its hentai or non-hentai, sketch, inks, or colors. But once you see the finished work, it is totally worth it. Overall, Ronzo is definitely a talented artist you wouldn’t want to miss, GreatDragon AD approved.




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  1. Really liking the art you commission. ^^ Great work.

    Also, and I sincerely apologize for asking this if you get this question before and it becomes annoying, but do you allow others permission to commission art with your characters?

    Again, My sincerest apologies for just asking this out of nowhere.

    • Well, if other people wanted to use characters in drawing their pics or commission someone to draw for them, then yes they need to ask me for permissions, especially from those who I do not know. Those that I closely know are an exemption in my opinion.

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