Update for New Year 2014

Well, call me lazy, irresponsible, forgetful, or whatever you come up for the long hiatus I put up for you guys but this update proves that I have not forgotten this blog. This place is my pride and joy and forever will be. Anyway, been put through a lot since the last update but I managed to end 2013 and starting 2014 in good terms for now. Here’s what happened to me so far.

1. Decided to post more often on my Deviantart page hence why I haven’t done an update yet here. But I’m only posting works as early posts for the blog and human pony related works. Yes, you read it right, human ponies, as in human versions of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I became a brony all thanks to my twin brother for introducing the show to me. I thank my buddy JonFreeman from DA for helping collaborate on making our human versions of these ponies. They have gotten so popular that making an Ask tumblr page for them is must and will work on it when we get to it. Also, I decided to make separate favorite folders for the commissions I’ve been getting on DA from the artists who drew. Also, I’m considering of making a DA group for them since I’m getting well known for commissioning so much artwork about them.

2. After working 10 years at my work place, I finally earned my first full time position that I’ve been waiting for so long. Of course, I think it was unfair that they denied me the past times the position was open since I deserved for all the hard work I’ve done but bettere late than never. With this, I can earn some extra cash which means more commissions and supporting myself and my family. I will try to work hard to keep my position and continue to move up in my career at work.

3. Been busy helping a game development group called Open Palm Productions on making their first project which is a 2D fighting game called Project ARC. I work as the group’s promoter as I try to let people know about us and find anyone interested in working on the project. This game have so much potential and will do my best to provide the best talent I can find for them. Best part from this is that they will be using one of my characters as a playable fighter and they chose Geil-Ling out of all of them. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates on this.

4. Originally planned to go to Orlando Megacon this year. Sadly, I have to miss out on account of my full time position. Any trips will be put on hold until I earn my first one-week paid vacation. Once I earn it on  July, I will try to plan an awesome trip. So far, I’m considering return to my home island Puerto Rico or go back to Las Vegas a “third time’s the charm” visit. Either any of those or try to go for any of the cons during July and after.

5. Feel like I’m running out of ideas for commissions as I’ve been commissioning works mostly about Grape. I can’t help it if I love her but I definitely need to give more attention towards the rest. Plus I want to commission more animation work. Finally, I want my webcomic series to be worked on finally. Will try to get my artist for it and start on it.

Well,  there’s your update. Hope this suffice until next time. Anyway, just keep your eyes peeled for any new works from me. This is GreatDragon AD signing off.

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