Grape, The Busty Android

Name: Grape
Race: Android
Nicknames: Booby Android, Cleavage Weapon
Birthdate: April 6th
Birthplace: Parasol Corp. Tokyo, Japan
Age: not so much but look like at least 18
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair: Long purple hair tied to two buns and two ponytails.
Eyes: Red
Build: Well-Endowed
Hobbies: Pleasing Adrian, performing Chinese martial art kattas, flower arrangement, and tea ceremonies
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Most Valuable: Adrian, How to Please Your Man book, Chibi AD plushie
Hates Most: Anything that gets in her way and between herself and Adrian

Grape is a Chinese bio-android created by Jonathan Santos of the Parasol Corporation. Jonathan created her for his twin brother Adrian. The reason he created her for his brother was to accompany him since he stopped traveling with him because of working in his position as head of the Innovations and Robotics department in the company. Since then, Grape sees Adrian as her master and true love being the first person she saw after being awakened. She does anything to please him, especially when it comes to erotic pleasure. Grape tries to find any chance that let’s her be alone with him and smothering him with her love…well, more like with her big breasts. But after meeting the other two girls and AD opening his dojo, she helps around the house on the daily chores and sometimes cooks for everyone whenever they feel like eating Chinese food. She also helps out in attracting students using her “growing” abilities. Still, she does whatever she can to be with AD…even if she has to come up ways to put the other girls as far away from them as possible.

Grape specializes in Chinese martial arts, the art of hidden weaponry (you don’t want to know what weapons she keeps in her cleavage), and her weapon of choice is the naginata (Japanese spear/halberd). Because of being an android, she has unbelievable speed and strength. But JT gave her another ability that he thinks it will improve AD’s lovelife, the ability to change the size of her body, usually her breasts and rear. He thinks it doesn’t hurt to go over on the T&A since he knows his brother is into that kind of thing secretly. Mostly, Grape uses her growing endowments to smother AD and do pleasurable positions with him. But that ability can be useful sometimes. She can body slam on her opponents with her growing mass of flesh. She can also transfer her growing abilities to others when she touches certain parts of them. Again, that part of her ability has many possibilities.

Grape is energetic yet stubborn. For being an android, it’s weird for her to be bubbly and speaks broken English/Japanese in third-person . Jonathan made her that way since that he thinks his brother is into that kind of women for being an Anime fan. Obviously, she loves AD more than anyone for being the first person she saw after being awakened and usually calls him “Ryu”. She sees any friend of AD’s as her friend if they don’t annoy her. She sees Geil-Ling and Lisa as competition in their rivalry for his love. But she tries to get along with them to keep AD happy.

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  1. Haha, that grenade falling out of chest. THat is hilarious.

    I like her color palette. They seem to fit together very nicely.

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