Starting from Scratch…

Heyo! GreatDragon AD here.

To all who loyally follow my blog, I must announce some sad news. Earlier this week, I found out that my blog was hacked and infested with malware and trojans. Because of that, the site was taken down. My friend 3pyon, the one who gave me the blog space in the beginning, helped me out in taking care of this matter. He somehow solved the problem but all the posts that have been put up over the years are all gone. There is a bright side to this, all of the uploads that I made are still saved. This gives me an opportunity to srart over and able to improve the organization of the blog’s content. So far, I decided to organize images by artists, comics, animation and sprite work to have their own categories still and quick access to my characters’ profiles. I might add more features like introducing my favorite OC’s by other artists and close friends. Anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions on how I should work with this new blog, let me know. Thank you, everyone, for all of the support.


  1. Jon Helfrich said

    Something that may help with the rebuild is going to the internet wayback archive, at least in terms of saving a lot of text rewriting. You could always go through and edit/polish for the new entries. Looks like the most recent snapshot was April 26th, 2011.*/

  2. site said

    Jesus Christ there is plenty of spammy feedback on this site. Have you ever thought about attempting to eliminate them or putting in a tool?

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