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Rough Start for 2013

As the title says, it wasn’t easy starting off the new year. This pretty much started days before last year’s Christmas when I suffered through my first car accident. Had to take care of paying the repairs when my dad removed the full coverage of my car insurance to put it for his new Jeep without telling me. I covered my part on the repairs but that drained my funds. However, I’ll be making a good recovery once I get my tax refund. But there is even more good news, I finally got a new phone: goodbye 3G MyTouch, hello 4G Samsung Galaxy S III. Not only that, I finally got the courage to purchase my first computer and this is a monster: Dell XPs 8300 with 2TB Hard Drive, 16GB ram, Third Generation¬† Intel Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon video card, and more. Remind you that I got these new gadgets before the accident happened. Now I’m more active online with the new phone and computer so I decided to start my own youtube channel. All I need now is a desktop microphone.

At least a couple of good things happened to me during January. First of, I finally took my motorcycle course and passed it. Honestly, I was nervous thinking about riding actual street motorcycles as part of the course but in fact they were actually fun. Maybe in a few years I might get my own bike one day. For now, I have to stick to this scooter my dad bought to help me get to work once I pick my motorcycle endorsement. Look out world, I’m now a motorcyclist. Last but not least, I went to Animate Miami. Its a local Anime convention in Miami run by the same people behind Florida Supercon. It had 10 voice actors like the entire English voice cast for High School of the Dead but the big kicker that it featured four My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And yes, I’m a brony and I’m proud of it. In fact, Animate Miami was the first I ever gone to as a brony. Met these awesome voice actors from the show: Andrea Libman (Voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), Nicole Oliver (Voice of Princess Celestia and Cherilee), Peter New (Voice of Big Macintosh), and Michelle Creber (Voice of Applebloom plus singing voices for her and Sweetie Belle’s).¬† And its not just the VA’s, I met the crew from Everfree Network even Final Draft, brony artist Toxic Mario from DA, the funny man behind the PONY. MOV series HotDiggedyDemon. Seriously, this con has given one of the most unique experiences I ever had.

Well, that’s it. I got more stuff planned up and will try to get more artwork up in my blog. Next con I’m going will be Orlando Megacon. It will be great to see Fred Perry, Dragen, Maverikate, and George again. But the most I’m looking forward to is meeting Tara Strong, John DeLancie, John DiMaggio, and once again Vic Mignogna. But again, thank you for all the support. Let’s hope we have great year.

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Works by Ferdinand Poblete (A.K.A CallMePo)

Yeah, I’m way overdue for an update. Been slacking off for way to long. Long story short, been through a lot since the last quarter of 2012. If you want to hear a better explanation wait for the last post of the update. Decided to put the works by an old friend I knew since the Fred Perry Fan Club days, Ferdinand Poblete. I originally know him as Ferdinator or FerdKat. But these days everybody know him as CallMePo on DA. CallMePo were one of the first artists I started to commission back in the day and to this day his work is still well worth watching. Obviously a Fred Perry like myself but he is also a fan of many things such as from Anime, DC Comics, and awesome cartoon series like Adventure Time and Kim Possible. I had to mention Kim Possible because we all know we love Rufus the molerat and he’s one of the artists who draw some great Kim and Shego art. I remember commissioning him for the first time back on my very visit to Project A-Kon like at 2003 or 2004 during the time the con was held at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport Hyatt Hotel. It was great meeting him and some of the FPFC’ers in person and I will never forget it. Ferd really have one of the most unique styles I’ve seen. Really, there’s something about his comic/cartoon’ish style that really catches my interest, especially when he draws sexy pin-ups of known characters. Overall, he is one of the best artist I know and he is still worth checking out in my book. Make sure to watch him at his DA page ’cause he always update his watchers whenever he is open for commissions. Anyway, enjoy these awesome works.

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