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J, the Sarcastic Journalist

Name: J
Race: Human
Nicknames: J, “That Guy”, Silver Devil, Dread Clerk
Birthdate: November 12th
Birthplace: ???
Age: ???
Ethnicity: ???
Hair: Unkempt silver hair
Eyes: Half-Opened/Blue
Build: Slender
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Theorizing, Cracking-wise
Favorite Food: Muffins
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Most Valuable: Integrity, Secrecy, Humor
Hates Most: Politicians, Punks, Annoying Customers, Yakuza

He’s an enigma, plain and simple—and he likes it that way. Well traveled, and wise beyond his years, J showed up in Japan with suitcase in hand, simply stating that he was looking for “the truth”. A regular contributor to countless magazines and newspapers throughout the world, J had made quite a name for himself in the world of journalism—and quite a few enemies, as well. What truth J seeks has yet to be found, but until he unearths it, he’ll pass the days spouting pop-culture at his part-time job as a clerk, and manager, of a popular convenience store chain, The Quicku Stoppu, while freelancing at night to satiate his hunger for conspiracy—starting with this mysterious rumor of vampire women lurking about in the streets, and dojos of Japan…

J may seem like a random pop-culture junkie slacker at first glance, but beneath this façade lies a hardened warrior. Fighting only when necessary, J is a master of a self-taught improvisational style of Jeet Kun Do. J also has a very strong connection with the chi, or earth energy flow of the world around him, and his senses tend to peak to almost omniscient levels at times. J’s enigmatic behavior may be both his biggest strength, and his biggest weakness, as he is never quite taken seriously enough. Oh, and did we mention a bad luck streak a mile wide? Where J goes, trouble always seems to follow, in more ways than one.

A kind soul, and outgoing at heart, J is used to dealing with every type of customer, so his patience is never quite broken. Eyes half-cocked, J can be a sarcastic, optimistic everyman, always willing to offer help and advice, yet when the scent of conspiracy or trouble is in the air, can turn into an enigmatic warrior of the night at the drop of a hat. J is an old friend with martial arts instructor Adrian Santos, or “AD”, as he prefers to call him, and settles in the Santos residence’s attic until he gets back on his feet. He has no idea what, or who, awaits him there…

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