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Chanorai Shiragami, the Hanyou Kunoichi

Name: Chanorai Shoragami
Race: Hanyou (half-human/half-lyconthrope)
Nicknames: Channy, Bouncy Assassin
Birthdate: January 5th
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: Japanese
Hair: Long brown hair tied to a braided ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Build: Tanned, Bouncy yet Agile
Hobbies: Dancing, Acting, Going to Night Clubs
Favorite Food: Japanese, Chinese
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Most Valuable: Jonathan, her ninja gear, her fans given to her mother
Hates Most: Lyconthrope/Halfling haters, any girl taking away her man, spotlight stealers, ugly people, any girl whose cuter and bustier than her, detest Mai Shiranui above anything else.

Chanirai Shiragami is a kunoichi from the Nezumi clan in Kyoto. This clan consist of ninjas that specializes in taking jobs from clients that able to pay for them. Most of the clan consists of actual wererats, a different race of lyconthropes that specializes in stealth and assassination. His father was one of the best ninjas in the clan. One day, he took on a bodyguard mission for a young Japanese actress who is been targeted by the Yakuza for denying their protection. The group of gangsters followed everywhere the actress went but all of their attempts foiled by the ninja’s skills and wererat abilities. As soon as they give up on her, the actress fell in love with him as much as he does from his emotions building up during the mission. They got married and gave birth to Chanorai. During that time, her mother had to put her acting on hold so she can raise her daughter. But Chanorai built a great interest of becoming a ninja so she was trained under his father’s wing. For being a hanyou (half-demon), she can’t transform into a wererat like her father does but she still has some of the traits: pointed ears and great speed, strength, and heightened senses. Though his father trained her to become a skilled kunoichi, she is still a woman so her mother taught her manners and the arts from acting to dancing. Channy took on many missions and succeed most of them. But there was one mission where she had to capture a serial killer that was tearing up the streets of Tokyo. However, the killer wasn’t alone since he builds up his own gang. She couldn’t take on that many people at once until a young man noticed her and came to the rescue. He took out his sword and teamed up with Channy in defeating the killer and his minions. Channy was in awe in his strength and skill. She also took a liking to his face especially. They finally managed to defeat the killer and took him and his henchmen to the authorities. Channy express her gratitude to that man but the man wooed her by taking her hand and kissed it. In an instant, those two became lovers and that man was Jonathan Santos. Currently, she left the clan and became Jonathan’s assistant in his job at Parasol Corps. But she still takes on missions if anyone hires her. Though Jonathan enjoys meeting other women being the casanova that he is, Channy still shows him who’s the one woman he only needs and that is her.

Like any ninja, Channy is an expert of stealth and assassination. She practiced most of the ninja arts but she does specialize in using Ninjutsu and charming her opponents with her great beauty and assets. Being the hanyou that she is, she can’t fully transform into a wererat but she can still use the great speed and strength that that race have. She was also born under a star that gave her a green mark that shows the Japanese kanji of “Wind”. It lets her control and use the wind itself for swift yet sharp attacks. The mark only appears when she starts using her wind abilities. However, she is weak of silver which its burns her by the slightest touch like all lyconthropes. Her wind attacks aren’t effective against indestructible material like certain types of strong metal.

Channy is well behaved and mannered like any Japanese woman. But she can be wild as she wants to be when she heads out for the night. However, she does not take kindly to people who are against her race. She sees Jonathan as her only man and enjoys being with him. She doesn’t mind letting him be the casanova that he is as he meets other girls. But she doesn’t want any girl that dates him gets too intimate with him. Whether blaming the girl or his man, she’ll show either one who’s the only woman for Jonathan. She takes pride in her duty as a ninja but she does whatever she can to help people who are in need.

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