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Misty Lisa, the Half-Vampire Witch


Name: Lisa Vlad Mystique
Race: Half-Human/Half-Vampire
Nicknames: Misty Lisa, Bloodlust Lisa
Birthdate: Oct. 15th
Birthplace: London, England
Age: more than a thousand years old but look like in her teens (Bloodlust: late 20’s or early 30’s)
Ethnicity: English
Hair: Long blue hair
Eyes: Yellow
Build: Petite and nicely figured (Bloodlust: Tall and Over-Endowed)
Hobbies: Witchcraft, Alchemy, Cooking, Reading (Bloodlust: Sex, taking advantage of others, sex, destroying her enemies, and… oh yeah, sex)
Favorite Food: European (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.)
Favorite Sport: Swimming and Softball
Most Valuable: Adrian and the other girls, her staff, group photo of her with the others, hair bow given by her teacher.
Hates Most: People who harm others, reptiles, eggplants

Lisa Vlad Mystique belongs to the Mystique family, a clan of aristocrats who are secretly vampires during the dark ages. His father was a vampire while her mother was human which makes her a halfling. Despite of being an outcast, the members still consider her as part of the family and treat her very well. This clan of vampires secretly feasts on the blood of people who have done harm to the community of England. But one night, they were attacked by an army of demons lead by a mysterious woman. Her motives were unclear but she burned their mansion to the ground. The clan continued to fight on during that night against their new enemy but they were no match by their huge numbers and the powers of that woman. Her parents sent Lisa to flee from the danger and hold off the army. Sadly, the Mystique family was completely wiped out and Lisa was the only survivor. Ever since then, she weeps for her family as she lived in a life of poverty. But a skilled witch took her up and made her as her disciple. The witch taught her everything she knew about witchcraft: from magic to making potions. She even taught her to use her staff as a weapon. As she grew old enough to go on her own, Lisa thanked the witch for her teachings and hospitality and went on her way. She still hold a grudge with that mysterious woman who killed her family so went in search of her. The task was difficult and long, but she found out who she was and where she was located. This woman was originally a succubus but somehow gained the powers of a vampire as well. Lisa fought her and tried everything she could, but she was overcome by her unstoppable magic. The vampcubus cackled from Lisa’s demise as she was burned to ashes and sealed her remains in a coffin at an old temple. But in present time, Adrian found that very same temple and stumbled upon her coffin. As he stares her remains, he accidentally pricked his finger on the edges of the coffin and left a drop of blood in it. In vampire lore, whoever leaves a drop of blood on the remains of vampire has signed a contract for that vampire to resurrect and become his/her master. That same lore became true for Lisa and she was with the living once more. She thanked Adrian for resurrecting her and shows her gratitude by giving her life to him. Since then, Lisa became another traveling companion for Adrian. But today, she keeps the dojo in good care and cooks her European cuisine for Adrian and his two other girls, Grape and Geil-Ling.

Lisa’s skills consist of witchcraft. She is able to cast offensive, defensive, and effect spells. Her staff is used to perform most of her spells, as a weapon, and able to fly with it. Even though she is short and petite, Lisa is very quick, athletic and intelligent. She fights by strategy rather than going straight in a battle aimlessly. She is able to live in sunlight and doesn’t need to drink blood to survive but only for emergencies. Even though she is half-human, she is still half-vampire. Whenever she drinks blood or a potion she makes to work as a substitute, she goes through a change. She goes through a major growth spurt on her body: becoming taller, more mature, her body becoming an over-proportioned human hourglass…if you don’t know what that means, let’s say her breasts and rear blows up like balloons and her waist become more curvier. Her personality changes as well and becomes totally opposite from her normal self as well having a bigger libido. This form is called the Bloodlust form. Beside the body change, it lets her use her true vampire abilities: unbelievable strength and speed, use her nails as sharp claws, telekinesis, metamorphosis (mist, wolf, bat, etc.), charm and manipulation, and grows wings for flight. She is able to use her witchcraft in that form but rather fights in her own way. She only reverts back to her normal form when she has used up all of her energy, satisfied her lust, or been turned to ashes again and resurrects once more. Last but not least, both forms can communicate with their opposites mentally.

Lisa is a well-mannered yet calm girl. She is usually happy when she is around Adrian and the other girls since she sees them as her new family. Still, she sees AD (usually calls him by his first name “Adrian”) as her true love for not only resurrecting her but for who he is and how she treats her. She day dreams of being with AD all alone in a romantic place and sweeps off her feet. But with Grape and Geil-Ling around arguing about whom should be with him, it is very difficult for her dream to become reality so she tries to relieve their bickering or just stay away from them. That also shows her lack of self-confidence, which makes her worry most of the time. Overall, she is very emotional. But she is a different person during her Bloodlust form. She is a self-confident yet horny mistress who does whatever she wants. If there’s anything that gets in her way, she will definitely show no mercy. Also, she wants Adrian to satisfy her lust so she goes for him to do the bed rumba. If he isn’t around, then she tries to find someone to take her place… male or female. Believe it or not, her lust isn’t easy to satisfy. In that form, he sees Grape and Geil-Ling as either pests or toys if you know what I mean. Depending on the form, she is very intelligent to solve any dilemma and will do her best in battle and/or in bed.

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