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Next up, will be posting the best references for my muscualr yet top heavy Chinese tomboy girl, Geil-Ling (or Gelly as I usually call her). Sure, we love boobs and booty and but we can’t ignore the beautiful women who work out and show off the results of their training and flex their muscles. I think Gelly deserves more attention when I usually focus on Grape. This goes for the others too. But these days, at least I’m doing something special for her. anywya, here are the best references dedicated to the active yet short tempered girl with the milk-filling boobs whenever she gets horny.

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Geil-Ling, the Chinese Amazon Tomboy

Name: Geil-Ling
Race: Human
Nicknames: Gelly, Amazon Tomboy
Birthdate: February 14th
Birthplace: Zi Hao Wushu Amazon Village, China
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair: Middle long light brown hair
Eyes: Blue
Build: Hard but Athletic and Top Heavy
Hobbies: Training, BodyBuilding, TV
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Sport: Undecided, enjoys participating on any sport
Most Valuable: Honor, Health, Adrian and the other girls (secretly), Monkey King statue from her village
Hates Most: People who tease about her figure, bugs, soy milk

Geil-Ling is a tomboy that belongs to the Zi Hao Wushu Amazon village in China. During her childhood, some of the girls there tease her for being weak and ugly. But one girl stood up to the bullies for her and scared them off. Since then, she looks up to her as a friend but a rival also and was inspired to become a strong amazon. Then on her teen years, she entered the annual fighting tournament of the village. She thought it is her time to shine after going through hard training but she faces off with the same girl who stood up for her. Geil-Ling wish to have a good fight and inspired from her to be strong but she turned her face away from Geil-Ling and said she hasn’t become strong yet. Geil-Ling was offended from her words and recklessly ran towards her to attack. But she quickly kicked Geil-Ling, sending her to the wild blue yonder making her the loser of the fight. Since then, Geil-Ling was the laughing stock of village. Geil-Ling never felt such shame and embarrassment in her entire life. Because of that, she vowed to train her mind and body even more and prove that girl who is the strong one. She went on a training mission and tries to do anything that will make her stronger. She even took an all milk-diet. After a few years, she returned to the village as a different person. Her beauty and body has improved dramatically: plump breasts, hard body with few scars from training, apple-shaped full rear, and strong legs. She is like an example of an amazon goddess and all the villagers started to regret of teasing her and now admires her hard work. Unfortunately, the villagers informed that her rival is nowhere to be found but they heard that she left to Japan in search for a strong fiancée. After hearing the news, Geil-Ling quickly left to Japan and arrived at Tokyo. During her search, she met Adrian and he accidentally bumps into her, but she didn’t take that very lightly. She challenged him so she could make AD apologize. It was a rough battle, but he finally beats her. She was amazed that she never fought a strong young man as AD. By Chinese amazon tribal laws, when a male stranger has beaten an amazon, that amazon must marry him. Now Geil-Ling is in love with him. In present time, she helps out AD in his dojo as assistant instructor but still hasn’t managed to win over him with Grape and Lisa around. But will she meet her childhood rival? Only time will tell.

Geil-Ling is an expert in Chinese martial arts taught by the masters of her village, especially Hung-Gar Kung Fu. She practiced various styles but prefer ones that have powerful strikes that punish her opponents like the Tiger and Dragon styles. She also has great control of her Chi that she make it flow around any part of her body for better effect on her attacks or send it to her opponents for long distance attacks and paralyzing effects. Another way she uses her Chi is to increase the mass of her muscles if she want to rely mostly on strength. Her beauty and big breasts was given from her milk diet but it gave her a side effect. Whenever she gets aroused, the milk production in her breasts increases rapidly. That causes her breasts to grow in full yet huge proportions and lactate. Once her breasts reached to their maximum size that reaches bigger than her body, her breasts can’t hold the milk anymore and will flow non-stop until she stop being aroused or climaxes. Only weakness is her clumsiness whenever she gets angry since it makes her lose her concentration. But that can be an advantage whcih her anger can make her dangerous.

Geil-Ling is a very active tomboy. She does anything to keep her body in shape so she usually spends some of her free time in the gym. But she has a very short temper so she get frustrated easily, especially if someone bad mouths on her looks. At least she is well educated and learned to speak both English and Japanese perfectly not like a certain android that was programmed to speak in third person and broken form. After being with Adrian, she starting to feel a bit more feminine when she is around with him…or she just have him to accompany her in going to the gym or anywhere where they can have some fun. As for her milk-diet, she gets annoyed whenever it gets triggered but she tries to get in the mood if it happens but rather use it when she is with AD. Besides having him as his soon-to-be-fiancée, she sees him as a great friend too and usually calls him “AD”. She’s like the big sister for the girls, especially to Lisa. But she mostly argues with Grape since they both WANT AD for themselves. Still, she enjoys hanging around with them and wishes to live like this forever…until she finds her childhood rival.

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