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GreatDragon AD, The Twin Warrior of Fire





Name: Adrian Santos
Race: Human
Nicknames: AD, GreatDragon AD, Ryu
Birthdate: August 26th
Birthplace: New York, USA
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Puerto Rico)
Hair: Long black hair tied to ponytail.
Eyes: Brown
Build: Athletic
Hobbies: Video Gaming, Anime, sparring, traveling
Favorite Food: American, Mexican, Italian
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Most Valuable: Friends and family, his girls, Anime and video game collection
Hates Most: Bullies, trash talkers, cocky people

Adrian Santos is an American Puertorican martial artist who used to travel around the world in search of adventure and take on challenges that life has to offer. But now he retired from his traveling days and decided to follow his dream of having his own dojo. His girls: Grape, Geil-Ling, and Misty Lisa, which he met them during his travels, live with him and do their best to help on his dojo…though sometimes they seduce or scare away the students. Not only that, other people prefer learning martial arts at better or more famous schools. “Damn you, Kyokugen!” or “Its always Kusanag this or Kusanagi that.” he would usually say during his ranting. Basically, he and the girls look for odd jobs to make up for the money from the lack of students. Whatever happens to him, he knows he can get through it and have his girls to keep him company.

AD’s abilities mostly consist of his self-taught fighting style called the Santos-ryu that is based upon what he learned in his time as a beginner in martial arts. It’s like a combination of Japanese and Chinese martial arts with some street fighting instincts. He also have the ability to create and control fire like a certain fighting game character that starts with a “K” which he calls him as his eternal rival. His weapon of choice is the Green Dragon Fire Sword but he only use it for difficult fights since he prefers fighting with his fists. Like it’s name, its a fire elemental sword that let its user transmits his/her energy into it and develop flames around its blade. His only weaknesses are his short temper, stubbornness (especially from not knowing when to quit), his disadvantages with the opposite sex, and anything involving water that will cancel his fire-based attacks and temporarily disable his power to use them if he is completely drenched. He can also switch genders thanks to mistaking an ancient Chinese medicine man’s potion for green tea. He is curious on the experience of living in an opposite gender sometimes but he is still not use to it…especially having big breasts and different ways to go to the bathroom.

AD’s personality represents of a nice gentleman with a short temper. He does whatever he can to help others and achieve his goals. He is also very confident is his skill which is why he rarely back down a challenge. But he gets easily annoyed by anything especially from his practical joking twin brother, Jonathan. If there’s something he can’t solve or don’t know, he come to the aid of his good friend J for advice though usually he doesn’t take him or anything else seriously for that matter. His friends usually call him AD as in the first two initials of his first name. As for his girls, they annoy him whenever they make trouble or sending him their come-ons. But he is glad to have them around and any emotion they have for him is the same way he feels for them.

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