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Wanted to make one more post to make this update complete and decided to re-introduce one of the best artists I know in DA who I feel deserves a lot of praise and its EyeOfVogler. Found out about him through my twin brother when he showed me a beautiful piece the artist did of my brother’s OCs. So I contacted him and showed him my OC’s and immediately enjoyed them. all of these are b/w pieces as sketches but they are amazingly done. Seriously, I just love his art style that really makes awesome graffiti art. These days he is currently developing his own shooter game and from his blog it looks like he is doing well. Anyway, enjoy his awesome works. Well, that’s it for this update. Hopefully after my major bills are done, I will be able to commission new works again. But again thank you all for your time and support. See you next update!

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