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DarkZel was one of the first artists I ever commissioned to do comics of my characters and always have done an impressive job. So far, he only did 2 full comics and one failed attempt but they were well worth to look. Sadly, I don’t have the failed Lisa comic with me, its on the old computer which I can’t access it right now because its monitor die. Will post it up once I get it.

– Beach Blanket Boobies

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– Grape 101

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First of, sorry for the long absence on rebuilding my blog. Been busy as of late and that that I was just plain lazy. Anyway, I’m back and like to bring back another artist that I had the honor of seeing draw my characters. DarkZel is an artist with a cute Anime anime style with a hint of cartoonish characteristics. I originally found out about his work when he became the second artist to work on White Lightning Productions’s The Misadventures of Chichi-chan webcomic series. Well, I really liked the original artist who did the series but DarkZel’s style actually fits with series even more so. As soon as I found out from my buddy Kris Overstreet, the big cheese of WLP, that DarkZel can do commissions, I rushed to contact him. Since then, I always feel grateful in working with him and he never disappoints me in his work. He always able to bring both the cute and sexy sides of my characters and does an awesome job in both pin -ups and comics. But it was sad that he had to retire from working on Chichi-chan but these days he’s been on FurAffinity. However, he hasn’t been updating for quite some time. I do hope he returns with more new works to show.

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