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Moving on, this post will list all the animated works don in 3D animation. Its the least style I use out of the three I mentioned before but its the one style that can express itself in every angle and at times can look the most realistic. Computer generated animation started far back in the 70’s and 80’s, especially to┬ádevelop┬ávideo games. But as technology progresses, better graphics and sound improve the quality of work every year and 3D animation today already look more real than ever. We now see CG used on almost every media whether its on movies, TV, and even commercials. But CG is still animation and can be expressed in many ways whether it tries to look realistic or cartoonish. Here are the current list of 3D animated works I recieved from these artists.

– AnimeWave

Grape vs Geil-Ling

– Eastern Miracle

Grape’s Breast Expansion

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