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As I continue to rebuild my blog, I wanted to make sure to fix any past mistakes that the old one had. The most noticeable one it had was how the posts were organized. I decided that I organize all of my works by artists but it is only for their pin-ups and images. I’m doing the same with animation work having its own category and split it in 2D animation, 3D animation and Sprite/Pixel work whether its just stills up to being animated.

We begin with the 2D animated works. Its the one style I prefer out of the three but at times it can be the one style it takes so much work, time, and effort to accomplish. I feel that 2D Animation is the most expressive out of the three styles since expansion has been used in that style in the past, especially in cartoons to express humor like body expansion and used on Anime in various ways direct to more *ahem* adult themes. Even though animation has been progressing and evolving as animated movies are focused to be done in 3D animation or at least use to make unbelievable scenes in live action movies more, no one can’t forget the roots of animation comes from as we still produce more animated series and movies by 2D whether its cell-shaded, computer generated like by Flash, and such. And so, I give thanks to all these amazing artists that able to improve their work by doing animation, a style of artistry that takes so much work but at the same time leaves many viewers in awe. If you like to know more of these artists and their works, please check their posts shown in the Artists category.

– Altiz Studio

Grape’s Breasts and Butt Expansion gif’s

– Liquid X Lead

Grape’s Hourglass Expansion Flash

– Boris Alien (A.K.A TheBoris on FA)

Grape’s Random Expansions Flash

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