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Kate Jagu, the Adventurous yet Clumsy Catgirl

Name: Katherine Jagu
Race: Half-Felenian (Jaguar)
Nicknames: Kate, Kitty Merc, Feline Adventurer
Birthdate: Dec. 10th
Birthplace: Unknown (Somewhere in the USA)
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: American (Southern)
Hair: Light Brown Short Hair
Eyes: Green
Build: Lightly Well-Built but Bouncy
Hobbies: Traveling, Bodybuilding, Weapon Collecting, Treasure Hunting
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Sport: Wrestling and Prize Fighting
Most Valuable: Her Tonfas, Power Gem, Any Treasure She Finds, Her first meeting with Adrian
Hates Most: Rival Mercs and Treasure Hunters, Stupid People, Being Poor

Katherine Jagu is a tomboy adventurer/mercenary. She belongs to a different dimension where almost half the Earth’s population are half-breeds. According to its history, long ago aliens from another galaxy came to Earth in seeking for a home after their planet, Felenia, became uninhabitable. These aliens have feline characteristics in their appearance and are very quick and agile. They build families in Earth over the years. Some of them stayed with their own kind while others fell in love with the humans. Half-Breeds are born from having a Felenian and human as parents which is why they have only Felenian physical appearance on the lower half of their bodies but still have cat-like ears. Once you are a half-breed, your child will be another half-breed whether your lover is another half-breed or Felenian. Lesser chance if your lover was a human. Since then, humans and half-breeds live in their world and its only rare to see full Felenians living among them for certain reasons. Kate was an orphan and has no memory of her parents. Only thing she found out that she was left at St. Colms Orphanage in Houston, Texas when she was a baby. She was different from other girls though. Kate mostly enjoys things that only boys do but still behave as a girl. The other girls tease her because of that. As for the boys, they think she’s cool but some think she’s weird and won’t be as good as any other boy. She often cry from the teasing she goes through until one day a man took interest in her and decided to adopt her. He most likely saw the potential she has. Her now new father was a former mercenary and adventurer and he told her all the travels and exploits he went through. Kate became fascinated from his stories and decided be one like his dad. His father was glad to hear that and wasted no time in training her. The day finally arrived when Kate grew at the age where she can go on her own and her father taught everything that he knew. He had no regrets and seeing her daughter leave and he will always love her no matter what happens. With tears in her eyes, she hugged his old man and left thus beginning her new calling. She traveled to many places and took very odd jobs. She had some embarrassing moments but nevertheless she gets the job done. One of his travels, she was searching through a lost Aztec temple containing an ancient artifact of great value. As soon as she was about grab the artifact, she got sucked in by a sub-dimensional portal. It took her to the R&D department of Parasol Corp. where Jonathan was showing his latest work to Adrian and the others, the Sub-Dimensional Portal Generator. However, from activating it was the reason Kate appeared in that location. As she was about to fall hard to the ground, Adrian leaped off and caught her before she landed. As soon as she laid her eyes on Adrian for the first time, she blushed and didn’t know he rescued from her fall. The generator shut down because of the overload and doesn’t know how long it will take Jonathan for it to fix. Since then, she is stuck in their dimension until the generator is fixed. But like any cat, curiousity got the best of her and wanted to explore this new world. Who knows what adventures and discoveries await her. She now lives in Jonathan’s home and spends most of her time exploring the world around her.

As a half-breed, she inherited the physical traits and abilities of a Felenian: great speed and agility, fast reflexes, sensitive hearing, and other heightened senses. Her father trained her with the neccesary skills for a mercenary from knowledge with weapons to self-defense and survival. She can use any weapon but her favorite is the tonfas. She wears a glove in her left hand that carries a mini-double barrel cannon called the Wall Blaster. This handy cannon has the explosive power to blast through walls and does huge damage despite of its small size. Kate was fascinated in hand-to-hand combat so her father taught her Russian Martial Arts that is Sambo so she be able to punish her enemies with heavy attacks and bone-breaking submissions. Last but not least is her Power Gem. It was one of the trinkets her father found during his exploits. The Power Gem able to increase the owner’s abilities up to many times fold depending in where the wearer want to increase on. Though it is very useful for tough spots, it needs great focus and concentration to use it. Sadly, Kate haven’t fully mastered in using it. That usually leads in misusing the jewel and end up increasing the mass of her breasts and butt, even up to her muscles.

Kate is like any other tomboy, a girl who enjoys doing boy things and anything active. But she still behaves like a girl making her more feminine than our favorite tomboy Geil-Ling. She speaks in a light southern accent, she is very emotional and panics easily. She was annoyed about Jonathan transporting her to their dimension at first but soon found out this was a great opportunity for new expeditions. She grew very fond of Adrian from being rescued by him and doesn’t mind being close to him. Geil-Ling also became close friends with Kate and they are now gym buddies and go do some bodybuilding together. Even though her ears have great hearing, they are very sensitive when scratched. Even after a few scratches, it just turns her on wanting for someone or something to satisfy her. Finally, she sometimes speaks her thoughts out loud without realizing it. Overall, she gets along with Adrian and the others and doesn’t mind staying in their dimension for some time.

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