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References for Geil-Ling

Next up, will be posting the best references for my muscualr yet top heavy Chinese tomboy girl, Geil-Ling (or Gelly as I usually call her). Sure, we love boobs and booty and but we can’t ignore the beautiful women who work out and show off the results of their training and flex their muscles. I think Gelly deserves more attention when I usually focus on Grape. This goes for the others too. But these days, at least I’m doing something special for her. anywya, here are the best references dedicated to the active yet short tempered girl with the milk-filling boobs whenever she gets horny.

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References for Grape

Other than reposting JC’s works plus adding some new ones by him, the second reason why I’m making this post is because I decided to start making posts that will be one-stop place to find the best references for each of my characters. This will definitely help artists who will be working with them whether as commission, gift art or any occasion. So I decided this post to show the best references for Grape. Believe me, this will save me a lot of writing time when I write to artists for commissions or anyone who want to see the best pics of my characters.

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J, the Sarcastic Journalist

Name: J
Race: Human
Nicknames: J, “That Guy”, Silver Devil, Dread Clerk
Birthdate: November 12th
Birthplace: ???
Age: ???
Ethnicity: ???
Hair: Unkempt silver hair
Eyes: Half-Opened/Blue
Build: Slender
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Theorizing, Cracking-wise
Favorite Food: Muffins
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Most Valuable: Integrity, Secrecy, Humor
Hates Most: Politicians, Punks, Annoying Customers, Yakuza

He’s an enigma, plain and simple—and he likes it that way. Well traveled, and wise beyond his years, J showed up in Japan with suitcase in hand, simply stating that he was looking for “the truth”. A regular contributor to countless magazines and newspapers throughout the world, J had made quite a name for himself in the world of journalism—and quite a few enemies, as well. What truth J seeks has yet to be found, but until he unearths it, he’ll pass the days spouting pop-culture at his part-time job as a clerk, and manager, of a popular convenience store chain, The Quicku Stoppu, while freelancing at night to satiate his hunger for conspiracy—starting with this mysterious rumor of vampire women lurking about in the streets, and dojos of Japan…

J may seem like a random pop-culture junkie slacker at first glance, but beneath this façade lies a hardened warrior. Fighting only when necessary, J is a master of a self-taught improvisational style of Jeet Kun Do. J also has a very strong connection with the chi, or earth energy flow of the world around him, and his senses tend to peak to almost omniscient levels at times. J’s enigmatic behavior may be both his biggest strength, and his biggest weakness, as he is never quite taken seriously enough. Oh, and did we mention a bad luck streak a mile wide? Where J goes, trouble always seems to follow, in more ways than one.

A kind soul, and outgoing at heart, J is used to dealing with every type of customer, so his patience is never quite broken. Eyes half-cocked, J can be a sarcastic, optimistic everyman, always willing to offer help and advice, yet when the scent of conspiracy or trouble is in the air, can turn into an enigmatic warrior of the night at the drop of a hat. J is an old friend with martial arts instructor Adrian Santos, or “AD”, as he prefers to call him, and settles in the Santos residence’s attic until he gets back on his feet. He has no idea what, or who, awaits him there…

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Chanorai Shiragami, the Hanyou Kunoichi

Name: Chanorai Shoragami
Race: Hanyou (half-human/half-lyconthrope)
Nicknames: Channy, Bouncy Assassin
Birthdate: January 5th
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: Japanese
Hair: Long brown hair tied to a braided ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Build: Tanned, Bouncy yet Agile
Hobbies: Dancing, Acting, Going to Night Clubs
Favorite Food: Japanese, Chinese
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Most Valuable: Jonathan, her ninja gear, her fans given to her mother
Hates Most: Lyconthrope/Halfling haters, any girl taking away her man, spotlight stealers, ugly people, any girl whose cuter and bustier than her, detest Mai Shiranui above anything else.

Chanirai Shiragami is a kunoichi from the Nezumi clan in Kyoto. This clan consist of ninjas that specializes in taking jobs from clients that able to pay for them. Most of the clan consists of actual wererats, a different race of lyconthropes that specializes in stealth and assassination. His father was one of the best ninjas in the clan. One day, he took on a bodyguard mission for a young Japanese actress who is been targeted by the Yakuza for denying their protection. The group of gangsters followed everywhere the actress went but all of their attempts foiled by the ninja’s skills and wererat abilities. As soon as they give up on her, the actress fell in love with him as much as he does from his emotions building up during the mission. They got married and gave birth to Chanorai. During that time, her mother had to put her acting on hold so she can raise her daughter. But Chanorai built a great interest of becoming a ninja so she was trained under his father’s wing. For being a hanyou (half-demon), she can’t transform into a wererat like her father does but she still has some of the traits: pointed ears and great speed, strength, and heightened senses. Though his father trained her to become a skilled kunoichi, she is still a woman so her mother taught her manners and the arts from acting to dancing. Channy took on many missions and succeed most of them. But there was one mission where she had to capture a serial killer that was tearing up the streets of Tokyo. However, the killer wasn’t alone since he builds up his own gang. She couldn’t take on that many people at once until a young man noticed her and came to the rescue. He took out his sword and teamed up with Channy in defeating the killer and his minions. Channy was in awe in his strength and skill. She also took a liking to his face especially. They finally managed to defeat the killer and took him and his henchmen to the authorities. Channy express her gratitude to that man but the man wooed her by taking her hand and kissed it. In an instant, those two became lovers and that man was Jonathan Santos. Currently, she left the clan and became Jonathan’s assistant in his job at Parasol Corps. But she still takes on missions if anyone hires her. Though Jonathan enjoys meeting other women being the casanova that he is, Channy still shows him who’s the one woman he only needs and that is her.

Like any ninja, Channy is an expert of stealth and assassination. She practiced most of the ninja arts but she does specialize in using Ninjutsu and charming her opponents with her great beauty and assets. Being the hanyou that she is, she can’t fully transform into a wererat but she can still use the great speed and strength that that race have. She was also born under a star that gave her a green mark that shows the Japanese kanji of “Wind”. It lets her control and use the wind itself for swift yet sharp attacks. The mark only appears when she starts using her wind abilities. However, she is weak of silver which its burns her by the slightest touch like all lyconthropes. Her wind attacks aren’t effective against indestructible material like certain types of strong metal.

Channy is well behaved and mannered like any Japanese woman. But she can be wild as she wants to be when she heads out for the night. However, she does not take kindly to people who are against her race. She sees Jonathan as her only man and enjoys being with him. She doesn’t mind letting him be the casanova that he is as he meets other girls. But she doesn’t want any girl that dates him gets too intimate with him. Whether blaming the girl or his man, she’ll show either one who’s the only woman for Jonathan. She takes pride in her duty as a ninja but she does whatever she can to help people who are in need.

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Misty Lisa, the Half-Vampire Witch


Name: Lisa Vlad Mystique
Race: Half-Human/Half-Vampire
Nicknames: Misty Lisa, Bloodlust Lisa
Birthdate: Oct. 15th
Birthplace: London, England
Age: more than a thousand years old but look like in her teens (Bloodlust: late 20’s or early 30’s)
Ethnicity: English
Hair: Long blue hair
Eyes: Yellow
Build: Petite and nicely figured (Bloodlust: Tall and Over-Endowed)
Hobbies: Witchcraft, Alchemy, Cooking, Reading (Bloodlust: Sex, taking advantage of others, sex, destroying her enemies, and… oh yeah, sex)
Favorite Food: European (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.)
Favorite Sport: Swimming and Softball
Most Valuable: Adrian and the other girls, her staff, group photo of her with the others, hair bow given by her teacher.
Hates Most: People who harm others, reptiles, eggplants

Lisa Vlad Mystique belongs to the Mystique family, a clan of aristocrats who are secretly vampires during the dark ages. His father was a vampire while her mother was human which makes her a halfling. Despite of being an outcast, the members still consider her as part of the family and treat her very well. This clan of vampires secretly feasts on the blood of people who have done harm to the community of England. But one night, they were attacked by an army of demons lead by a mysterious woman. Her motives were unclear but she burned their mansion to the ground. The clan continued to fight on during that night against their new enemy but they were no match by their huge numbers and the powers of that woman. Her parents sent Lisa to flee from the danger and hold off the army. Sadly, the Mystique family was completely wiped out and Lisa was the only survivor. Ever since then, she weeps for her family as she lived in a life of poverty. But a skilled witch took her up and made her as her disciple. The witch taught her everything she knew about witchcraft: from magic to making potions. She even taught her to use her staff as a weapon. As she grew old enough to go on her own, Lisa thanked the witch for her teachings and hospitality and went on her way. She still hold a grudge with that mysterious woman who killed her family so went in search of her. The task was difficult and long, but she found out who she was and where she was located. This woman was originally a succubus but somehow gained the powers of a vampire as well. Lisa fought her and tried everything she could, but she was overcome by her unstoppable magic. The vampcubus cackled from Lisa’s demise as she was burned to ashes and sealed her remains in a coffin at an old temple. But in present time, Adrian found that very same temple and stumbled upon her coffin. As he stares her remains, he accidentally pricked his finger on the edges of the coffin and left a drop of blood in it. In vampire lore, whoever leaves a drop of blood on the remains of vampire has signed a contract for that vampire to resurrect and become his/her master. That same lore became true for Lisa and she was with the living once more. She thanked Adrian for resurrecting her and shows her gratitude by giving her life to him. Since then, Lisa became another traveling companion for Adrian. But today, she keeps the dojo in good care and cooks her European cuisine for Adrian and his two other girls, Grape and Geil-Ling.

Lisa’s skills consist of witchcraft. She is able to cast offensive, defensive, and effect spells. Her staff is used to perform most of her spells, as a weapon, and able to fly with it. Even though she is short and petite, Lisa is very quick, athletic and intelligent. She fights by strategy rather than going straight in a battle aimlessly. She is able to live in sunlight and doesn’t need to drink blood to survive but only for emergencies. Even though she is half-human, she is still half-vampire. Whenever she drinks blood or a potion she makes to work as a substitute, she goes through a change. She goes through a major growth spurt on her body: becoming taller, more mature, her body becoming an over-proportioned human hourglass…if you don’t know what that means, let’s say her breasts and rear blows up like balloons and her waist become more curvier. Her personality changes as well and becomes totally opposite from her normal self as well having a bigger libido. This form is called the Bloodlust form. Beside the body change, it lets her use her true vampire abilities: unbelievable strength and speed, use her nails as sharp claws, telekinesis, metamorphosis (mist, wolf, bat, etc.), charm and manipulation, and grows wings for flight. She is able to use her witchcraft in that form but rather fights in her own way. She only reverts back to her normal form when she has used up all of her energy, satisfied her lust, or been turned to ashes again and resurrects once more. Last but not least, both forms can communicate with their opposites mentally.

Lisa is a well-mannered yet calm girl. She is usually happy when she is around Adrian and the other girls since she sees them as her new family. Still, she sees AD (usually calls him by his first name “Adrian”) as her true love for not only resurrecting her but for who he is and how she treats her. She day dreams of being with AD all alone in a romantic place and sweeps off her feet. But with Grape and Geil-Ling around arguing about whom should be with him, it is very difficult for her dream to become reality so she tries to relieve their bickering or just stay away from them. That also shows her lack of self-confidence, which makes her worry most of the time. Overall, she is very emotional. But she is a different person during her Bloodlust form. She is a self-confident yet horny mistress who does whatever she wants. If there’s anything that gets in her way, she will definitely show no mercy. Also, she wants Adrian to satisfy her lust so she goes for him to do the bed rumba. If he isn’t around, then she tries to find someone to take her place… male or female. Believe it or not, her lust isn’t easy to satisfy. In that form, he sees Grape and Geil-Ling as either pests or toys if you know what I mean. Depending on the form, she is very intelligent to solve any dilemma and will do her best in battle and/or in bed.

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Kate Jagu, the Adventurous yet Clumsy Catgirl

Name: Katherine Jagu
Race: Half-Felenian (Jaguar)
Nicknames: Kate, Kitty Merc, Feline Adventurer
Birthdate: Dec. 10th
Birthplace: Unknown (Somewhere in the USA)
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: American (Southern)
Hair: Light Brown Short Hair
Eyes: Green
Build: Lightly Well-Built but Bouncy
Hobbies: Traveling, Bodybuilding, Weapon Collecting, Treasure Hunting
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Sport: Wrestling and Prize Fighting
Most Valuable: Her Tonfas, Power Gem, Any Treasure She Finds, Her first meeting with Adrian
Hates Most: Rival Mercs and Treasure Hunters, Stupid People, Being Poor

Katherine Jagu is a tomboy adventurer/mercenary. She belongs to a different dimension where almost half the Earth’s population are half-breeds. According to its history, long ago aliens from another galaxy came to Earth in seeking for a home after their planet, Felenia, became uninhabitable. These aliens have feline characteristics in their appearance and are very quick and agile. They build families in Earth over the years. Some of them stayed with their own kind while others fell in love with the humans. Half-Breeds are born from having a Felenian and human as parents which is why they have only Felenian physical appearance on the lower half of their bodies but still have cat-like ears. Once you are a half-breed, your child will be another half-breed whether your lover is another half-breed or Felenian. Lesser chance if your lover was a human. Since then, humans and half-breeds live in their world and its only rare to see full Felenians living among them for certain reasons. Kate was an orphan and has no memory of her parents. Only thing she found out that she was left at St. Colms Orphanage in Houston, Texas when she was a baby. She was different from other girls though. Kate mostly enjoys things that only boys do but still behave as a girl. The other girls tease her because of that. As for the boys, they think she’s cool but some think she’s weird and won’t be as good as any other boy. She often cry from the teasing she goes through until one day a man took interest in her and decided to adopt her. He most likely saw the potential she has. Her now new father was a former mercenary and adventurer and he told her all the travels and exploits he went through. Kate became fascinated from his stories and decided be one like his dad. His father was glad to hear that and wasted no time in training her. The day finally arrived when Kate grew at the age where she can go on her own and her father taught everything that he knew. He had no regrets and seeing her daughter leave and he will always love her no matter what happens. With tears in her eyes, she hugged his old man and left thus beginning her new calling. She traveled to many places and took very odd jobs. She had some embarrassing moments but nevertheless she gets the job done. One of his travels, she was searching through a lost Aztec temple containing an ancient artifact of great value. As soon as she was about grab the artifact, she got sucked in by a sub-dimensional portal. It took her to the R&D department of Parasol Corp. where Jonathan was showing his latest work to Adrian and the others, the Sub-Dimensional Portal Generator. However, from activating it was the reason Kate appeared in that location. As she was about to fall hard to the ground, Adrian leaped off and caught her before she landed. As soon as she laid her eyes on Adrian for the first time, she blushed and didn’t know he rescued from her fall. The generator shut down because of the overload and doesn’t know how long it will take Jonathan for it to fix. Since then, she is stuck in their dimension until the generator is fixed. But like any cat, curiousity got the best of her and wanted to explore this new world. Who knows what adventures and discoveries await her. She now lives in Jonathan’s home and spends most of her time exploring the world around her.

As a half-breed, she inherited the physical traits and abilities of a Felenian: great speed and agility, fast reflexes, sensitive hearing, and other heightened senses. Her father trained her with the neccesary skills for a mercenary from knowledge with weapons to self-defense and survival. She can use any weapon but her favorite is the tonfas. She wears a glove in her left hand that carries a mini-double barrel cannon called the Wall Blaster. This handy cannon has the explosive power to blast through walls and does huge damage despite of its small size. Kate was fascinated in hand-to-hand combat so her father taught her Russian Martial Arts that is Sambo so she be able to punish her enemies with heavy attacks and bone-breaking submissions. Last but not least is her Power Gem. It was one of the trinkets her father found during his exploits. The Power Gem able to increase the owner’s abilities up to many times fold depending in where the wearer want to increase on. Though it is very useful for tough spots, it needs great focus and concentration to use it. Sadly, Kate haven’t fully mastered in using it. That usually leads in misusing the jewel and end up increasing the mass of her breasts and butt, even up to her muscles.

Kate is like any other tomboy, a girl who enjoys doing boy things and anything active. But she still behaves like a girl making her more feminine than our favorite tomboy Geil-Ling. She speaks in a light southern accent, she is very emotional and panics easily. She was annoyed about Jonathan transporting her to their dimension at first but soon found out this was a great opportunity for new expeditions. She grew very fond of Adrian from being rescued by him and doesn’t mind being close to him. Geil-Ling also became close friends with Kate and they are now gym buddies and go do some bodybuilding together. Even though her ears have great hearing, they are very sensitive when scratched. Even after a few scratches, it just turns her on wanting for someone or something to satisfy her. Finally, she sometimes speaks her thoughts out loud without realizing it. Overall, she gets along with Adrian and the others and doesn’t mind staying in their dimension for some time.

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Geil-Ling, the Chinese Amazon Tomboy

Name: Geil-Ling
Race: Human
Nicknames: Gelly, Amazon Tomboy
Birthdate: February 14th
Birthplace: Zi Hao Wushu Amazon Village, China
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair: Middle long light brown hair
Eyes: Blue
Build: Hard but Athletic and Top Heavy
Hobbies: Training, BodyBuilding, TV
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Sport: Undecided, enjoys participating on any sport
Most Valuable: Honor, Health, Adrian and the other girls (secretly), Monkey King statue from her village
Hates Most: People who tease about her figure, bugs, soy milk

Geil-Ling is a tomboy that belongs to the Zi Hao Wushu Amazon village in China. During her childhood, some of the girls there tease her for being weak and ugly. But one girl stood up to the bullies for her and scared them off. Since then, she looks up to her as a friend but a rival also and was inspired to become a strong amazon. Then on her teen years, she entered the annual fighting tournament of the village. She thought it is her time to shine after going through hard training but she faces off with the same girl who stood up for her. Geil-Ling wish to have a good fight and inspired from her to be strong but she turned her face away from Geil-Ling and said she hasn’t become strong yet. Geil-Ling was offended from her words and recklessly ran towards her to attack. But she quickly kicked Geil-Ling, sending her to the wild blue yonder making her the loser of the fight. Since then, Geil-Ling was the laughing stock of village. Geil-Ling never felt such shame and embarrassment in her entire life. Because of that, she vowed to train her mind and body even more and prove that girl who is the strong one. She went on a training mission and tries to do anything that will make her stronger. She even took an all milk-diet. After a few years, she returned to the village as a different person. Her beauty and body has improved dramatically: plump breasts, hard body with few scars from training, apple-shaped full rear, and strong legs. She is like an example of an amazon goddess and all the villagers started to regret of teasing her and now admires her hard work. Unfortunately, the villagers informed that her rival is nowhere to be found but they heard that she left to Japan in search for a strong fiancée. After hearing the news, Geil-Ling quickly left to Japan and arrived at Tokyo. During her search, she met Adrian and he accidentally bumps into her, but she didn’t take that very lightly. She challenged him so she could make AD apologize. It was a rough battle, but he finally beats her. She was amazed that she never fought a strong young man as AD. By Chinese amazon tribal laws, when a male stranger has beaten an amazon, that amazon must marry him. Now Geil-Ling is in love with him. In present time, she helps out AD in his dojo as assistant instructor but still hasn’t managed to win over him with Grape and Lisa around. But will she meet her childhood rival? Only time will tell.

Geil-Ling is an expert in Chinese martial arts taught by the masters of her village, especially Hung-Gar Kung Fu. She practiced various styles but prefer ones that have powerful strikes that punish her opponents like the Tiger and Dragon styles. She also has great control of her Chi that she make it flow around any part of her body for better effect on her attacks or send it to her opponents for long distance attacks and paralyzing effects. Another way she uses her Chi is to increase the mass of her muscles if she want to rely mostly on strength. Her beauty and big breasts was given from her milk diet but it gave her a side effect. Whenever she gets aroused, the milk production in her breasts increases rapidly. That causes her breasts to grow in full yet huge proportions and lactate. Once her breasts reached to their maximum size that reaches bigger than her body, her breasts can’t hold the milk anymore and will flow non-stop until she stop being aroused or climaxes. Only weakness is her clumsiness whenever she gets angry since it makes her lose her concentration. But that can be an advantage whcih her anger can make her dangerous.

Geil-Ling is a very active tomboy. She does anything to keep her body in shape so she usually spends some of her free time in the gym. But she has a very short temper so she get frustrated easily, especially if someone bad mouths on her looks. At least she is well educated and learned to speak both English and Japanese perfectly not like a certain android that was programmed to speak in third person and broken form. After being with Adrian, she starting to feel a bit more feminine when she is around with him…or she just have him to accompany her in going to the gym or anywhere where they can have some fun. As for her milk-diet, she gets annoyed whenever it gets triggered but she tries to get in the mood if it happens but rather use it when she is with AD. Besides having him as his soon-to-be-fiancée, she sees him as a great friend too and usually calls him “AD”. She’s like the big sister for the girls, especially to Lisa. But she mostly argues with Grape since they both WANT AD for themselves. Still, she enjoys hanging around with them and wishes to live like this forever…until she finds her childhood rival.

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Grape, The Busty Android

Name: Grape
Race: Android
Nicknames: Booby Android, Cleavage Weapon
Birthdate: April 6th
Birthplace: Parasol Corp. Tokyo, Japan
Age: not so much but look like at least 18
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair: Long purple hair tied to two buns and two ponytails.
Eyes: Red
Build: Well-Endowed
Hobbies: Pleasing Adrian, performing Chinese martial art kattas, flower arrangement, and tea ceremonies
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Most Valuable: Adrian, How to Please Your Man book, Chibi AD plushie
Hates Most: Anything that gets in her way and between herself and Adrian

Grape is a Chinese bio-android created by Jonathan Santos of the Parasol Corporation. Jonathan created her for his twin brother Adrian. The reason he created her for his brother was to accompany him since he stopped traveling with him because of working in his position as head of the Innovations and Robotics department in the company. Since then, Grape sees Adrian as her master and true love being the first person she saw after being awakened. She does anything to please him, especially when it comes to erotic pleasure. Grape tries to find any chance that let’s her be alone with him and smothering him with her love…well, more like with her big breasts. But after meeting the other two girls and AD opening his dojo, she helps around the house on the daily chores and sometimes cooks for everyone whenever they feel like eating Chinese food. She also helps out in attracting students using her “growing” abilities. Still, she does whatever she can to be with AD…even if she has to come up ways to put the other girls as far away from them as possible.

Grape specializes in Chinese martial arts, the art of hidden weaponry (you don’t want to know what weapons she keeps in her cleavage), and her weapon of choice is the naginata (Japanese spear/halberd). Because of being an android, she has unbelievable speed and strength. But JT gave her another ability that he thinks it will improve AD’s lovelife, the ability to change the size of her body, usually her breasts and rear. He thinks it doesn’t hurt to go over on the T&A since he knows his brother is into that kind of thing secretly. Mostly, Grape uses her growing endowments to smother AD and do pleasurable positions with him. But that ability can be useful sometimes. She can body slam on her opponents with her growing mass of flesh. She can also transfer her growing abilities to others when she touches certain parts of them. Again, that part of her ability has many possibilities.

Grape is energetic yet stubborn. For being an android, it’s weird for her to be bubbly and speaks broken English/Japanese in third-person . Jonathan made her that way since that he thinks his brother is into that kind of women for being an Anime fan. Obviously, she loves AD more than anyone for being the first person she saw after being awakened and usually calls him “Ryu”. She sees any friend of AD’s as her friend if they don’t annoy her. She sees Geil-Ling and Lisa as competition in their rivalry for his love. But she tries to get along with them to keep AD happy.

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GreatDragon AD, The Twin Warrior of Fire





Name: Adrian Santos
Race: Human
Nicknames: AD, GreatDragon AD, Ryu
Birthdate: August 26th
Birthplace: New York, USA
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Puerto Rico)
Hair: Long black hair tied to ponytail.
Eyes: Brown
Build: Athletic
Hobbies: Video Gaming, Anime, sparring, traveling
Favorite Food: American, Mexican, Italian
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Most Valuable: Friends and family, his girls, Anime and video game collection
Hates Most: Bullies, trash talkers, cocky people

Adrian Santos is an American Puertorican martial artist who used to travel around the world in search of adventure and take on challenges that life has to offer. But now he retired from his traveling days and decided to follow his dream of having his own dojo. His girls: Grape, Geil-Ling, and Misty Lisa, which he met them during his travels, live with him and do their best to help on his dojo…though sometimes they seduce or scare away the students. Not only that, other people prefer learning martial arts at better or more famous schools. “Damn you, Kyokugen!” or “Its always Kusanag this or Kusanagi that.” he would usually say during his ranting. Basically, he and the girls look for odd jobs to make up for the money from the lack of students. Whatever happens to him, he knows he can get through it and have his girls to keep him company.

AD’s abilities mostly consist of his self-taught fighting style called the Santos-ryu that is based upon what he learned in his time as a beginner in martial arts. It’s like a combination of Japanese and Chinese martial arts with some street fighting instincts. He also have the ability to create and control fire like a certain fighting game character that starts with a “K” which he calls him as his eternal rival. His weapon of choice is the Green Dragon Fire Sword but he only use it for difficult fights since he prefers fighting with his fists. Like it’s name, its a fire elemental sword that let its user transmits his/her energy into it and develop flames around its blade. His only weaknesses are his short temper, stubbornness (especially from not knowing when to quit), his disadvantages with the opposite sex, and anything involving water that will cancel his fire-based attacks and temporarily disable his power to use them if he is completely drenched. He can also switch genders thanks to mistaking an ancient Chinese medicine man’s potion for green tea. He is curious on the experience of living in an opposite gender sometimes but he is still not use to it…especially having big breasts and different ways to go to the bathroom.

AD’s personality represents of a nice gentleman with a short temper. He does whatever he can to help others and achieve his goals. He is also very confident is his skill which is why he rarely back down a challenge. But he gets easily annoyed by anything especially from his practical joking twin brother, Jonathan. If there’s something he can’t solve or don’t know, he come to the aid of his good friend J for advice though usually he doesn’t take him or anything else seriously for that matter. His friends usually call him AD as in the first two initials of his first name. As for his girls, they annoy him whenever they make trouble or sending him their come-ons. But he is glad to have them around and any emotion they have for him is the same way he feels for them.

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