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Well, if you followed JC’s works, then how amazing and well done his comic work is, especially from his Sleepover comic. He loves working with Grape so much for being his favorite of my characters so he gives it all when he did this one comic of her. Don’t worry, this won’t be the only comic he would draw of her. Just keep your eye on the sky.

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– Comic #1 – 5 pages

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I know I just did an update a couple of days back but I really need to make this next update for certain reasons. To kick things off, I wanted to respost the works of the amazing Overlord JC¬†from DA, formerly known as JC-of-the-Redflame. A talented artist withe an outstanding Anime style, he is known for drawing out his popular Sleepover comic consisting characters from various JRPG’s, with it proves he is a big JRPG fan. But he is also a big Anime fan considers Ranma 1/2 as one of his favorites. Because of that, he just fell in love with Grape knowing that she is inspired from Shampoo of the same mentioned Anime. Even if he is that awsome of an artist, he is one busy beaver as he continue doing his own works, take on commissions, and helps out for the Cryamore mobile app game project. But he still deliver his work as awesome as possible. Anyway, enjoy these pics he did so far.




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– Update 10/13/13

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