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Ben Dunn! The name that Antarctic Press fans know him as the father of Amerimanga (manga style comics done in the US). He is the creator popular acclaimed Ninja High School and the action packed Warrior Nun Areala as well as other one shot comics and mini series. After finding out Fred Perry’s works, it lead me in discovering Ben’s. Ninja High School is probably one of my all time favorite comic book series thanks to Ben’s great art style and large cast of characters that almost each one are referenced or inspired form certain media whether tv, movies, comics and especially Anime/Manga. He has done others works outside of the Antarctic Press in the past such as doing storyboards for The Real Ghostbusters. He once even tried animating a Warrior Nun Areala project but only managed to animate an opening. His works are still known throughout the country and I do hope he continues for a long time, hence he deserves such recognition as one of best artists around. Also, he’s usually open for commission if you contact him or meet him at the cons he go to.


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