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Fred Perry, the great artist behind Gold Digger, one of the best comic book series that I’ve ever read. And not just a great comic book artist but an amazing multi-tasker.  Even while running his own comic, he manages to do animation work and drawing out webcomic strips. When I was about to meet him in person for the first time at Project A-Kon almost a decade ago, I was really nervous. But when I finally did, he is really nice guy. He enjoys meeting his fans and loves to hear what they think about his work. Its hard to commission him thanks to his tight schedule in keeping with Gold Digger and other projects. Your best bet is catch him at the conventions he appear and try to be at his table to get open slots from his commission list since they fill up quite quickly. There have been rare occasions where he manage to find free time to do online commissions but he charges more on them than his convention commissions. Either way, getting a commission from is well worth it.




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– 05/17/12

These pics were commissioned to Fred at Project A-Kon ’11 and this year’s Orlando Megacon. Enjoy!

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