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Update for New Year 2014

Well, call me lazy, irresponsible, forgetful, or whatever you come up for the long hiatus I put up for you guys but this update proves that I have not forgotten this blog. This place is my pride and joy and forever will be. Anyway, been put through a lot since the last update but I managed to end 2013 and starting 2014 in good terms for now. Here’s what happened to me so far.

1. Decided to post more often on my Deviantart page hence why I haven’t done an update yet here. But I’m only posting works as early posts for the blog and human pony related works. Yes, you read it right, human ponies, as in human versions of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I became a brony all thanks to my twin brother for introducing the show to me. I thank my buddy JonFreeman from DA for helping collaborate on making our human versions of these ponies. They have gotten so popular that making an Ask tumblr page for them is must and will work on it when we get to it. Also, I decided to make separate favorite folders for the commissions I’ve been getting on DA from the artists who drew. Also, I’m considering of making a DA group for them since I’m getting well known for commissioning so much artwork about them.

2. After working 10 years at my work place, I finally earned my first full time position that I’ve been waiting for so long. Of course, I think it was unfair that they denied me the past times the position was open since I deserved for all the hard work I’ve done but bettere late than never. With this, I can earn some extra cash which means more commissions and supporting myself and my family. I will try to work hard to keep my position and continue to move up in my career at work.

3. Been busy helping a game development group called Open Palm Productions on making their first project which is a 2D fighting game called Project ARC. I work as the group’s promoter as I try to let people know about us and find anyone interested in working on the project. This game have so much potential and will do my best to provide the best talent I can find for them. Best part from this is that they will be using one of my characters as a playable fighter and they chose Geil-Ling out of all of them. Keep your eyes peeled for any updates on this.

4. Originally planned to go to Orlando Megacon this year. Sadly, I have to miss out on account of my full time position. Any trips will be put on hold until I earn my first one-week paid vacation. Once I earn it on  July, I will try to plan an awesome trip. So far, I’m considering return to my home island Puerto Rico or go back to Las Vegas a “third time’s the charm” visit. Either any of those or try to go for any of the cons during July and after.

5. Feel like I’m running out of ideas for commissions as I’ve been commissioning works mostly about Grape. I can’t help it if I love her but I definitely need to give more attention towards the rest. Plus I want to commission more animation work. Finally, I want my webcomic series to be worked on finally. Will try to get my artist for it and start on it.

Well,  there’s your update. Hope this suffice until next time. Anyway, just keep your eyes peeled for any new works from me. This is GreatDragon AD signing off.

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Rough Start for 2013

As the title says, it wasn’t easy starting off the new year. This pretty much started days before last year’s Christmas when I suffered through my first car accident. Had to take care of paying the repairs when my dad removed the full coverage of my car insurance to put it for his new Jeep without telling me. I covered my part on the repairs but that drained my funds. However, I’ll be making a good recovery once I get my tax refund. But there is even more good news, I finally got a new phone: goodbye 3G MyTouch, hello 4G Samsung Galaxy S III. Not only that, I finally got the courage to purchase my first computer and this is a monster: Dell XPs 8300 with 2TB Hard Drive, 16GB ram, Third Generation  Intel Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon video card, and more. Remind you that I got these new gadgets before the accident happened. Now I’m more active online with the new phone and computer so I decided to start my own youtube channel. All I need now is a desktop microphone.

At least a couple of good things happened to me during January. First of, I finally took my motorcycle course and passed it. Honestly, I was nervous thinking about riding actual street motorcycles as part of the course but in fact they were actually fun. Maybe in a few years I might get my own bike one day. For now, I have to stick to this scooter my dad bought to help me get to work once I pick my motorcycle endorsement. Look out world, I’m now a motorcyclist. Last but not least, I went to Animate Miami. Its a local Anime convention in Miami run by the same people behind Florida Supercon. It had 10 voice actors like the entire English voice cast for High School of the Dead but the big kicker that it featured four My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And yes, I’m a brony and I’m proud of it. In fact, Animate Miami was the first I ever gone to as a brony. Met these awesome voice actors from the show: Andrea Libman (Voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), Nicole Oliver (Voice of Princess Celestia and Cherilee), Peter New (Voice of Big Macintosh), and Michelle Creber (Voice of Applebloom plus singing voices for her and Sweetie Belle’s).  And its not just the VA’s, I met the crew from Everfree Network even Final Draft, brony artist Toxic Mario from DA, the funny man behind the PONY. MOV series HotDiggedyDemon. Seriously, this con has given one of the most unique experiences I ever had.

Well, that’s it. I got more stuff planned up and will try to get more artwork up in my blog. Next con I’m going will be Orlando Megacon. It will be great to see Fred Perry, Dragen, Maverikate, and George again. But the most I’m looking forward to is meeting Tara Strong, John DeLancie, John DiMaggio, and once again Vic Mignogna. But again, thank you for all the support. Let’s hope we have great year.

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I need motivation! Current Report for my status.

Yeah, I finally moved my lazy butt and went back continuing on rebuilding the blog. A lot of things are going on for me but nothing serious. Been working early morning shifts since last week but you guys might have to get used to it because I probably be earning that full time position at my workplace which requires working on said hours. Yeah, won’t be staying up late like I used to but more hours means more pay plus I will get better benefits and bonuses and be able to progress further on my career for the place. I just hope I get it. Year 2012 have been pretty rough for me financially mostly from spending cash on eating out, gambling, and some bad choices. Probably the worse part was the BESC letting a different writer take over my best work for the site, “Changing and Growing in Las Vegas”, But I somehow bit the bullet and managed to get back on my feet at times.

A few good things happened this year at least. Decided to try going to conventions that are more close by like Orlando Megacon and Florida Supercon in Miami. Orlando Megacon was awesome. Met up with some old friends like Dragen from the ol’ Fred Perry Fan Club days and Maverikat who is also another fellow commission art collector like I am. I got along with some of Mav’s friends too, especially George which I think he is nice guy. Whole reason why the con it was so great because Fred Perry was there and it was his first time making a con appearance in Florida. Other than spending my time at the con, but I got to reunite with one of my favorite voice actors, Vic Mignona and saw the Robot Chicken panel. I at least spent the whole weekend of the con, unlike Florida Supercon. I was supposed to spend only two days of that con but my best friend at work couldn’t make it for the first day so I skipped it. But enjoying the first day was satisfying enough. Got to meet a lot of great voice actors and producers/directors like Richard Horvitz, the Adult Swim crew like Dana Snyder, Jon Schnep and the likes, D.C Douglas, and such. I even enjoyed some fun panels. One ting that the cone was worth going is because I won some great prizes such as a Captain America inspired t-shirt from Team Renegade for having the highest score from their shooter game and a pre-owned copy of Resident Evil 5 from D.C Douglas with his autograph signed on the disc. Thanks to going at these cons, I missed out going Project A-Kon this year. But after witnessing how this year’s San Diego Comic Con, it might be the one con I’ll be aiming for next year if I start saving right now.

Well, not much going on project wise or writing wise. I still haven’t finished my current script for the BESC and it might be a while before I get to it because the monitor of my computer died. It was expected sooner or later since the old been faithful for over 10 years. I really need to get a new computer soon. Guess I have to save up for that first before any other trips are made, or at least get a new phone. I’m still working with Eastern Miracle as I decided to work on a 2D animation project with them involving Lisa transforming to her Bloodlust Lisa and maybe make her grow even bigger afterwards. I got other projects that are non-expansion but it does involve fandom for a certain cartoon show that made a huge hit since its first airing on October 2010. All I can say it will be my first time commissioning voice work and might be able to give a voice finally to one of my characters.

At least things are looking up, wish I could say the same thing to this blog. I got a lot of artwork to repost…*shrugs*. Anyway, just keep an eye on it for now. Right now, I’ll try to put an art post or two before I’m done with this update.

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Kate Jagu, the Adventurous yet Clumsy Catgirl

Name: Katherine Jagu
Race: Half-Felenian (Jaguar)
Nicknames: Kate, Kitty Merc, Feline Adventurer
Birthdate: Dec. 10th
Birthplace: Unknown (Somewhere in the USA)
Age: 20’s
Ethnicity: American (Southern)
Hair: Light Brown Short Hair
Eyes: Green
Build: Lightly Well-Built but Bouncy
Hobbies: Traveling, Bodybuilding, Weapon Collecting, Treasure Hunting
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Sport: Wrestling and Prize Fighting
Most Valuable: Her Tonfas, Power Gem, Any Treasure She Finds, Her first meeting with Adrian
Hates Most: Rival Mercs and Treasure Hunters, Stupid People, Being Poor

Katherine Jagu is a tomboy adventurer/mercenary. She belongs to a different dimension where almost half the Earth’s population are half-breeds. According to its history, long ago aliens from another galaxy came to Earth in seeking for a home after their planet, Felenia, became uninhabitable. These aliens have feline characteristics in their appearance and are very quick and agile. They build families in Earth over the years. Some of them stayed with their own kind while others fell in love with the humans. Half-Breeds are born from having a Felenian and human as parents which is why they have only Felenian physical appearance on the lower half of their bodies but still have cat-like ears. Once you are a half-breed, your child will be another half-breed whether your lover is another half-breed or Felenian. Lesser chance if your lover was a human. Since then, humans and half-breeds live in their world and its only rare to see full Felenians living among them for certain reasons. Kate was an orphan and has no memory of her parents. Only thing she found out that she was left at St. Colms Orphanage in Houston, Texas when she was a baby. She was different from other girls though. Kate mostly enjoys things that only boys do but still behave as a girl. The other girls tease her because of that. As for the boys, they think she’s cool but some think she’s weird and won’t be as good as any other boy. She often cry from the teasing she goes through until one day a man took interest in her and decided to adopt her. He most likely saw the potential she has. Her now new father was a former mercenary and adventurer and he told her all the travels and exploits he went through. Kate became fascinated from his stories and decided be one like his dad. His father was glad to hear that and wasted no time in training her. The day finally arrived when Kate grew at the age where she can go on her own and her father taught everything that he knew. He had no regrets and seeing her daughter leave and he will always love her no matter what happens. With tears in her eyes, she hugged his old man and left thus beginning her new calling. She traveled to many places and took very odd jobs. She had some embarrassing moments but nevertheless she gets the job done. One of his travels, she was searching through a lost Aztec temple containing an ancient artifact of great value. As soon as she was about grab the artifact, she got sucked in by a sub-dimensional portal. It took her to the R&D department of Parasol Corp. where Jonathan was showing his latest work to Adrian and the others, the Sub-Dimensional Portal Generator. However, from activating it was the reason Kate appeared in that location. As she was about to fall hard to the ground, Adrian leaped off and caught her before she landed. As soon as she laid her eyes on Adrian for the first time, she blushed and didn’t know he rescued from her fall. The generator shut down because of the overload and doesn’t know how long it will take Jonathan for it to fix. Since then, she is stuck in their dimension until the generator is fixed. But like any cat, curiousity got the best of her and wanted to explore this new world. Who knows what adventures and discoveries await her. She now lives in Jonathan’s home and spends most of her time exploring the world around her.

As a half-breed, she inherited the physical traits and abilities of a Felenian: great speed and agility, fast reflexes, sensitive hearing, and other heightened senses. Her father trained her with the neccesary skills for a mercenary from knowledge with weapons to self-defense and survival. She can use any weapon but her favorite is the tonfas. She wears a glove in her left hand that carries a mini-double barrel cannon called the Wall Blaster. This handy cannon has the explosive power to blast through walls and does huge damage despite of its small size. Kate was fascinated in hand-to-hand combat so her father taught her Russian Martial Arts that is Sambo so she be able to punish her enemies with heavy attacks and bone-breaking submissions. Last but not least is her Power Gem. It was one of the trinkets her father found during his exploits. The Power Gem able to increase the owner’s abilities up to many times fold depending in where the wearer want to increase on. Though it is very useful for tough spots, it needs great focus and concentration to use it. Sadly, Kate haven’t fully mastered in using it. That usually leads in misusing the jewel and end up increasing the mass of her breasts and butt, even up to her muscles.

Kate is like any other tomboy, a girl who enjoys doing boy things and anything active. But she still behaves like a girl making her more feminine than our favorite tomboy Geil-Ling. She speaks in a light southern accent, she is very emotional and panics easily. She was annoyed about Jonathan transporting her to their dimension at first but soon found out this was a great opportunity for new expeditions. She grew very fond of Adrian from being rescued by him and doesn’t mind being close to him. Geil-Ling also became close friends with Kate and they are now gym buddies and go do some bodybuilding together. Even though her ears have great hearing, they are very sensitive when scratched. Even after a few scratches, it just turns her on wanting for someone or something to satisfy her. Finally, she sometimes speaks her thoughts out loud without realizing it. Overall, she gets along with Adrian and the others and doesn’t mind staying in their dimension for some time.

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Starting from Scratch…

Heyo! GreatDragon AD here.

To all who loyally follow my blog, I must announce some sad news. Earlier this week, I found out that my blog was hacked and infested with malware and trojans. Because of that, the site was taken down. My friend 3pyon, the one who gave me the blog space in the beginning, helped me out in taking care of this matter. He somehow solved the problem but all the posts that have been put up over the years are all gone. There is a bright side to this, all of the uploads that I made are still saved. This gives me an opportunity to srart over and able to improve the organization of the blog’s content. So far, I decided to organize images by artists, comics, animation and sprite work to have their own categories still and quick access to my characters’ profiles. I might add more features like introducing my favorite OC’s by other artists and close friends. Anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions on how I should work with this new blog, let me know. Thank you, everyone, for all of the support.

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